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Welcome to my personal archive. My name is Jim Trageser (if you arrived here directly and not from my site). Been a writer since I first picked up one of those oversized first-grade pencils as a tyke — haven't stopped yet. Commentary, fiction, bad poetry, theater reviews, book reviews, CD reviews — done a bit of all of that, and it's all slowly making its way here.

I also contributed to "The Grove Guide to Blues on CD," edited by Frank-John Hadley (just click on the title to learn more from Amazon.com). It's a pretty solid reference book for anyone interested in building a library of blues albums.

The latest project is Turbula magazine — an online literary, arts and culture magazine. We have a bunch of CD reviews in there, as well as some short fiction worth checking out by some really talented writers.

I'm in the crazed midst of converting all my old CD and LP reviews from WordPerfect and Atari FirstWordPlus format; have more than 1,000 done and posted, with probably another 400 to go (plus I'm still reviewing new CDs for various outfits and adding them here, as well). The book reviews, though, and commentary. These two sections are now up to date. You'll also find my columns about computing.

And finally, if you're looking for any book or CD you don't see reviewed in my archive, you can find more info on it (or even buy it) via the Amazon.com link to the right.

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