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Online San Diego

From the June 20, 1997 ComputorEdge (Issue 1525)

By Jim Trageser

Dojo BBS

Hey, whaddya know – a free BBS! Dojo BBS runs Wildcat! for Win 95 software and a 14.4 kbps modem (there is a high-speed modem for donors). It features color ANSI graphics (or you can use the html>-based Wildcat! browser for both the BBS and the Web), offers free Internet e-mail to all registered users, and offers full user status to those who participate in the local message areas. There is even free early-morning Internet access (ftp, telnet, World Wide Web). And there is an automated online callback verifier to give you instant higher access on your first call.

Highlights of Rahjer Dean's board are a chat room and his conversation areas; he also features dozens of online games and thousands of files, but the focus of the board is the online communication.

The files are organized into 20 areas. There are utilities, games and demos for Windows 3.1, DOS and Win95, plus PG and R-rated Cindy Crawford pics.

The messages area has several dozen conversation groups, both local and USENET (alt.cuddle, rec.sports.paintball,, among others). And the local subs are fairly active, with a nice sense of community.

The games include dominoes, Wheel of Fortune, Scrabble, trivia and poker. Campaign and strategy games include VGA Planets, LORD, TradeWars 2002, Falcon's Eye and Lands of Devastation. There is also a remake of one of the old classic online games in Food Fight II; also, Kannons and Katapults is still here.

It's a free board, it's local if you're in coastal North County, and it's lively. Hard to ask for more.

San Diego Software Industry Council

The Software Industry Council is a team of heavy hitters from San Diego's burgeoning computer industry, firms like Qualcomm and Stac (and ComputorEdge, too). These are the folks trying to give San Diego a higher profile in the computer world, to make San Diego "Silicon Valley South" (quick tip on promoting the region as a computer mecca, gang: Help boost the Computer Museum of America right here in town. They have the world's largest collection of historic machines, but need your support to properly preserve and display them).

Anyway, this is a sharp Web site. There's an online Job Bank where you can look for work at the participating companies (more than 100). There is also a member directory, from which you can jump to the companies' own Web sites – that page alone is worth bookmarking. And you can contact the members of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors from a directory here as well. There are also meeting notices, special interest groups and local Web links. All in all, one of the more useful Web sites in San Diego.