Sneak Peeks

Amiga pinball game translates well to DOS

by Jim Trageser
This review originally ran as a contribution to the Sneak Peeks column in ComputorEdge on August 5, 1994.

Pinball 2000
Expert Software: 1994
"Pinball Dreams" was one of the classic games that established the Amiga as one of the best graphics platforms of its time. "Pinball 2000" is Expert Software's PC Port of Pinball Dreams, and it's one of the most playable and graphically exciting games for the MS-DOS world.

There are two pinball games in this package — Graveyard and Rocket. They are different enough to present two different challenges. Graveyard rewards you for accurate aim, whereas Rocket will give you high point totals simply for keeping the ball in play long enough.

The layout on both boards is clean and simple, with plenty of scoring opportunities. The graphics are done well enough that in the middle of play you'll forget that the "ball" is just a bunch of electrodes bouncing off your CRT screen.

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