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A disappointing return

7800 Fahrenheit
7800° Fahrenheit
By Bon Jovi

Polygram Records: 1985

This review first appeared in the May 29, 1985 issue of The Daily Aztec.

Bon Jovi released their first album last year (1984) during a blizzard of heavy metal and hard rock debuts. At the time, their first album seemed weak by comparison to many of the others. But a year later, Bon Jovi now seems to be perhaps one of the better bands from that crop. Songs such as "Runaway" and "Break Out" have endured as hard rock standards, while many of the other bands that seemed so promising haven't held up as well.

The passage of a year has also shown Bon Jovi to be one of the few metal acts to establish their own sound. The driving beat, powerful vocals and distinctive guitar tracks mark their songs as "Bon Jovi."

Having said all that, "7800° Fahrenheit" lacks the energy and enthusiasm displayed on their debut. The only cut from the new album that would have belonged on the first is "Silent Night." Lead singer Jon Bon Jovi's vocals give the song that "big" sound that so marked the first album – and is too often missing on this.

"Tokyo Road" is the only other passably interesting song on the album, which represents a bit of a the stereotypical sophomore slump from the New Jersey band.