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Beautifully voiced folk

The Long Ride Home
The Long Ride Home
By Tim Egan

John Katchur Studios: 2007

This review first appeared in the Feb. 1, 2007 issue of the North County Times.

Sounding like no one so much as a long-lost brother of James and Livingston Taylor, San Diego's Tim Egan has a new album full of the kind of gentle yet thoughtful songs that have made the Taylor clan such stalwarts of the folk scene.

Gifted with a rich-timbred tenor voice, Egan's arrangements are spare and often acoustic – keeping the focus on his voice and the gorgeous melodies he's written. There are times, though, that the arrangements are a bit rough, the comping on guitar a touch repetitive. The playing is always solid, though, and the songs mostly strong enough to hold your attention through such deficits.

The topics of his songs range from the topical (how we treat veterans of the Vietnam War) to the universal (love lost and won); his lyrics are conversational in tone, and never preachy. Egan hasn't been one of the more visible members of the area's music scene – here's hoping this new release signals a more active role for a gifted writer and performer.