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Intelligent children's music

Cada Nino | Every Child
Cada Niño | Every Child
By Tish Hinojosa

Rounder Records: 1996

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This review first appeared in the February 16, 1996 issue of the North County Times.

Tish Hinojosa and children's music seem such a perfect fit one wonders why she didn't make a children's album sooner. The popular folk/country singer has long incorporated themes from her own childhood – and her current role as mother – in her "adult" albums, and her warm vocals and preference for acoustic instruments make her music easily accessible to children.

Too, kids can spot a fake any day – whether you agree with the political views of her other albums or not, Hinojosa is as genuine and honest as they come, and children are likely to dig her. (Also, she leaves the politics out of this project.)

The subject matter of the songs on "Cada Niño" ranges from a tribute to Hinojosa's grandmother to the Mexican version of Halloween to traditional Mexican folk songs. ON many of the tracks, she's joined by schoolchildren on vocals or even instruments (three 8-year-olds contribute on marimba!).

The songs, including a half-dozen new originals from Hinojosa, sparkle; her voice is as pure and strong as ever; and the kids involved add real energy.