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Sing a song of winter

By John McCutcheon

Rounder Records: 1995

This review first appeared in the December 1, 1995 issue of the North County Blade-Citizen (now North County Times).

Folk icon John McCutcheon presents an all-new set of songs about the winter season for children and their parents to share together, with a special focus on the holidays.

Like his friend Si Kahn (who co-wrote most of the songs here), McCutcheon's family songs take a childlike view of the world that delights the kids and amuses parents with generous helpings of irony. The lyrics of "Hibernation" show their golden touch:

January is so hard
Staring at six months of school
No vacation 'til June
Seems to me that's awfully cruel
This year I'm trying something new
'Cause I can't spend my whole life wasting away at school ...
Just close your eyes and dream
It's a three-month vacation