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Out from behind the drums

Solid Blue
By Casey Jones

Rooster Blues: 1987

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This review first appeared in the January/February 1988 issue of A Critique of America.

Casey Jones' latest release was given the plain yellow wrapper treatment, yet the music here is as good as anything being overhyped on behalf of Robert Cray.

Jones is best known as drummer for the Icebreakers, backing band for the late Albert Collins, and for backing Johnny Winter on his Alligator Records albums.

Yet when unleashed on his own as leader and vocalist, Jones gives Collins and Winter a run for their money. Jones is possessed of a fine, pleasant voice, steeped in the blues tradition. Pianist Allen Batts and fellow Icebreaker Johnny B. Gayden (bass) kick in on the project to good effect.

"(Tribute to the) Boogie Men" starts off this outing in strong fashion. With a rollicking beat, Jones belts out the names of old blues artists and their contributions. As he puts it, "They played the boogie music." The rest of this strong effort is equal to those who came before.