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Priest riding their rep

Defenders of the Faith
Defenders of the Faith
By Judas Priest

Columbia Records: 1984

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This review first appeared in the February 22, 1984 issue of The Daily Aztec.

Judas Priest was for most of the '70s one of the primary standard-bearers for true heavy metal. That role would appear to be the inspiration for the title of the band's latest album, "Defenders of the Faith."

Unfortunately, Judas Priest continues its downward musical spiral that was briefly interrupted by their previous album, "Screaming for Vengeance."

There are no songs like "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" to save this album. "Freewheel Burning" begins the LP, setting a pathetic pace for the whole album. The vocals are predictable, the guitar work boring and unadventurous.

Side two fares somewhat better than the first. "Love Bites" is an energetic rocker that will please most veteran Priest fans. The guitar riffs are catchy, although still not up to classic Priest standards. "Eat Me Alive" and "Some Heads Are Gonna Roll" are the two best cuts on this album. Stylistically, these songs are obviously Judas Priest, but the playing remains uninspired.

The once loud 'n' proud Judas Priest seems to be riding on its reputation, one that – at this rate – won't last much longer.