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Virtuosic picking

In Good We Trust
In Good We Trust
By Harry Manx and Kevin Breit

Stony Plain Records: 2007

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This review first appeared in Turbula in November 2007.

Virtuosic players of just about anything with strings and frets, Harry Manx and Kevin Breit have issued an absolutely lovely album with appeal for anyone who loves good acoustic picking.

The music is folk and blues and more folk with a dash of John Fahey and a sprinkling of Pentangle for good measure. In addition to the acoustic guitars and feedback guitars and vibrato guitars (and more guitars), Manx and Breit whip out the mandolins, bazoukis, mandocellos and even a mohan veena (an Indian stringed instrument).

While both men can and do sing, it's their playing that's the real star here, and the instrumental cuts might be even more listenable than the ones with vocals. When you can play a string box as well as these two can, you don't really need to sing to say what you've got to say.