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An EP and no more

By Shire

Enigma Records: 1985

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This review first appeared in the February 27, 1985 issue of The Daily Aztec.

Many new bands, particularly heavy metal acts, seem to be making EPs rather than LPs as a first release.

Enigma Records has been a leader in this movement, and, while it is undoubtedly a business decision and not an artistic one, the model does have one important aesthetic point in its favor: It allows a group to cut a smaller number of songs, thus eliminating the many fillers usually found on debut albums.

Shire's debut EP was produced by Don Dokken. Even with the limited number of songs on an EP, the quality of material gets a bit threadbare at times. A full LP from this band would grate the nerves.

"Do You Know What It's Like?" includes a catchy melody capable of capturing a niche in the Top 40 arena. In this innocuous tune, vocalist David Anthony displays good control of his rather limited range, and Alan St. Lesa shows a nice knack on guitars. On "Thinking of You," bassist Mick Adrian lays down a driving rhythm, but the rest of the band seems to be holding back. The remaining three songs were all listenable, if not particularly noteworthy.

While the band's photograph projects an androgynous heavy metal look, the band's sound is more Midwestern than hardcore or gothic.