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Fulfilling the promise of new age

By Tim Story

Windham Hill Records: 1988

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This review first appeared in the August 12, 1988 issue of the San Diego Evening Tribune.

Tim Story's music is definitely new age. Before that scares you off, consider what the promise of new age music holds out, for "Untitled" lives up to the potential of this still-new style of music.

Before the hacks and pretenders saw the enormous economic potential from producing superficial, transparent music and promoting it as "new age," artists such as Story were exploring new avenues of presenting introspective music. The artistic potential of this music was unlimited – for music can elicit hallucinogenic qualities, conjuring up images, thoughts and feelings in the listener.

There is something particularly autumnal about Story's music; the slow, meandering melodies combine with his warm, earthy piano and recorder to produce a feeling that reminds of late fall afternoons in the Midwest (Story hails from Ohio). Like classical music, Story deals not in specific ideas, but in themes and ideas. His songs take the listener places that may not exist in the physical world, but are real nonetheless.

For those wary of the so-called "new age" movement, "Untitled" will serve as an introduction to the legit side. For others disillusioned after hearing the fakes who can't deliver, Story may restore faith the possibilities of this area of musical exploration.