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A classic soul sound for the '80s

Total Contrast
Total Contrast
By Total Contrast

London / Polygram Records: 1985

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This review first appeared in the March 19, 1986 issue of The Daily Aztec.

Total Contrast's self-titled debut album shows the British duo's material is among the best soul music anywhere.

Robin Achampong and Delroy Murray, veterans of the London soul scene, display a real talent for writing songs with a dramatic flow; the build, build, build, then deliver a sharp climax.

Songs like "Hit and Run," "The River" and "Takes a Little Time" deserve to get regular, and heavy, airplay. "Hit and Run" has a pulsating beat and flowing melody. "The River" and "Takes a Little Time" follow the same pattern, and play the way good literature reads.

Archampong's voice smoothly handles the undulations of melody while adding punch to the rhythm, while Murray's bass anchors the beat.

The combination makes this debut the goods, and one of the real surprises of 1985.