First off, I need to point out that the above logo is from Larry Himmel's old variety show on KFMB TV-8 here in town. Show's been off the air for about 10, 11 years, but it was a classic in its time. Five nightly episodes of locally produced humor and human interest with a talented as all hell but absolutely goofy cast reminiscent of the old Carol Burnett Show.

Himmel pulled it off for a couple years, too, before they cancelled it. And it was none other than Rick "Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire" Rockwell who portrayed Biff Speedo's inept sidekick, Skippy on "San Diego at Large". Didn't seem right, somehow, seeing Rockwell on TV without zinc oxide smeared all over his nose.

I still miss Himmel's "Cooking with the Pope" skits. Must be a bottle of Pope's Own salad dressing around here somewhere ...

Now, for my beginner's links to San Diego: Two of the best places to start browsing in San Diego are the local outfits that have graciously provided me a living:  the North County Times and ComputorEdge Magazine.

News outlets

Radio and TV Newspapers and Magazines

KGTV Channel 10

KFMB News 8, 760 AM and Star-100.7 FM

KCR (SDSU Student)

KPBS TV 15/Cable 11, 98.5 FM

KSDS FM — Jazz 88

North County Times

San Diego Union Tribune
(Sign-On San Diego)

San Diego Daily Transcript
(San Diego Source)

San Diego Magazine
(San Diego Online)

San Diego Metropolitan Magazine


Other info sources

Fahrenheit San Diego
Fahrenheit San Diego
is a weekly alternative publication covering all the arts in town – music, theater, museums, clubbing.

AOL Digital City
AOL's Digital City was pretty good back in the late '90s, but they're run out of L.A. now and not much use locally.

Fun stuff

San Diego Zoological SocietyIf you've never been to the San Diego Zoo or Wild Animal Park, you've cheated yourself. Both are treasures, and you can easily spend a whole day at either. Their Web site is a good place to start visiting.

San Diego State University
San Diego Chargers San Diego is a great sports town. For schedules and news, visit: San Diego Padres

For info on San Diego's dozens of golf courses (more per square mile than any other place on Earth outside Arizona), visit Martin Olivera's San Diego Golf Pages.

Local Wally's San Diego Tourist Guide is equal parts wackiness and fun. Local Wally calls 'em like he sees 'em — and if the Tijuana Visitors Bureau don't like it, too bad.

Finally, if your browser has a news reader, check out the San Diego-based sdnet. It's part of the Usenet, and there are all kinds of conversations going on. Best place to start is with sdnet.general. Also check out my column on sdnet.

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