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CD Buying Guide - Reviews by Jim Trageser
Welcome to my CD Buying Guide and music links page. The CD reviews are organized by artist, style, year, etc. on the navigation bar to the left (or use the Google search tool beneath the nav bar.) Scroll down for some interesting music links that have struck my fancy. And I've started adding links to some of the hundreds of interviews I've conducted with different musicians through the years.

There are more than 1,500 jazz, blues, folk, international and rock albums reviewed (with more being added every day, both new reviews and pre-Internet reviews being converted to HTML). The intent is to help you make an informed decision before spending your hard-earned coin.

Don't view this as a list of recommendations. There are some real dogs in here, but those should be clear by the review!

A little bit about this page: I've been reviewing albums since the mid-1980s – taking in every style from classical to bluegrass, metal to electronica. But the emphasis has been on jazz and blues the past 15 years, so there are more albums from those styles reviewed than the others. And most are linked to, where you can hear audio samples.

Am I an expert? Nah – just someone lucky enough to have had the opportunity to listen to some great music through the years. I've tried to write honestly and to describe the music on each album so that even if your taste is different from mine, you'll still be able to learn something from the review. I did study violin, piano, guitar and even trumpet as a kid; so I have enough theory to be able to know a little bit about what the musicians are doing. But that doesn't make me an expert.