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Slightly naughty

Terribly Happy!
Terribly Happy!
By Happy Ron (Hill)

Self-released: 2008

This review first appeared in the January 8, 2009 issue of the North County Times.

Presenting an on-stage personna of a lovable rogue, "Happy Ron" Hill of San Diego has a new CD out that displays a beyond-frayed singing voice that's more than saved by an enthusiasm that's impossible to resist.

Hill apparently wrote all 13 songs here (no songwriting credits are listed), and they alternate between autobiographical lounge songs (complete with female chorus) and naughty novelty songs ("All She Needs Is a Spanking" and "No Tantric Woman Blues" are pretty representative samples). None of the songs have particularly memorable themes, but the lyrics occasionally show real cleverness.

His MySpace page indicates he's a regular at open mic shows in San Diego proper, and his wink-and-a-nod approach is undoubtedly a nice break from the overly serious angst that typifies so many contemporary folk singers who populate open-mic nights.