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Decadent fun

Hollywood Begs
Hollywood Begs
By Hollywood Begs

Self-released: 2007

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This review first appeared in the Nov. 15, 2007 issue of the North County Times.

The project of brothers Chris and Kevin Coyle, the soon-to-relocate-to-Seattle band Hollywood Begs has a raw-sounding yet very focused glam-alt-rock sound on their debut EP. Pulling in everything from T-Rex to Guns N' Roses to the Clash, the five songs on this self-titled recall the sort of fun-filled decadence that rock 'n' roll stood for a generation ago, before things got so serious.

With song titles like "Kay's Mojo Killer," "Mission Valley Mommas" and "Midlife Crisis," this isn't a band that's very full of themselves. Built around Chris' guitar playing and vocals (Kevin plays drums), the songs all have short, simple riffs – but get a fuller sound through the creative use of different effects. Mark Cofer is credited with "random noises," but the swirling effects he creates work really well.

It's an intriguing, listenable debut – San Diego's loss is sure to be Seattle's gain.