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The complete package

By Jac

Self-released: 2008

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This review first appeared in the August 28, 2008 issue of the North County Times.

Not many San Diego rock singers have the stage presence and sense of theatricality that Jac posseses. On a new six-song EP, the hard-charging Jac combines classic rock, '70s glam and prog rock into something both timeless and immediate. Old-school classic rockers will hear the traces of Humble Pie and the Stones, while those with younger ears will appreciate the alt-rock influences.

Jac's stage personna is so strong that even on CD, his personality is as dominant as his singing voice. Which is saying something, because he's got a powerhouse set of pipes. But rather than just bellowing like many rock singers (think David Coverdale or Ronnie James Dio), he's got David Clayton-Thomas' ability to combine a strong voice with a nuanced delivery. He can also bounce into a nice falsetto, giving him another octave of range, as he displays to good effect on "Susie."

All six songs were written by Jac, and all are nicely constructed, with a slowly buildiing sense of tension before breaking out into an anthemic chorus. His backing band is solid, providing a firm foundation for his vocals.